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Transforming Supply Chains Interview

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Businesses need high efficiency and scalability to stay abreast with the competition. At VESLOG, we help our customers design, deploy, and adopt SAP SCM solutions faster and with lower risk to scale up their enterprise business growth. From consulting to implementation and maintenance, we’re here for you.

Customized solutions that turn
complexity into opportunity

Customers are always at the center of our business
  • Logistics

    We specialize in:

    • S/4HANA Implementation and Migration
    • SAP Extended Warehouse Management
    • SAP Transportation Management
    • SAP Yard Logistics
    • SAP Event Management
    • SAP Business Network for Logistics
  • AMS

    We’ll help you:

    • Maintain your existing or newly-built system
    • Deal with incident resolution
    • Manage and develop industry knowledge
    • Install support packs
  • Architectural

    No matter if you choose to lead your own deployment of SAP or use the service of a system integrator, our professional Architectural Review provides the comprehensive analysis and valuable expertise your business needs to succeed.

  • Expert

    Problems arise at any stage of the project. With us, you don’t have to worry about potential issues. We have unique competencies in complex projects’ implementations, as well as migration and harmonization of data and we’ll be happy to share this experience with you.

  • Custom

    Typical solutions don’t meet the needs declared by big enterprises. We create tailor-made solutions built according to unique customers’ requirements. We’re ready to adapt or enhance SAP solutions to meet your needs.

  • Professional

    We offer a complex competency center to make sure you understand SAP as thoroughly as possible. We create high-end customized training based on customers’ needs and their user profiles.

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We believe our people are the foundation of VESLOG. They make it special. We invest in our people because they are the reason for our success.

How it started

The main idea was to help customers optimize their supply chain processes. The company started to grow quickly. Two new entities were established: first in Belgium and then in Germany. Over time, the scope of services expanded as well. In 2018, the portfolio was enriched with SAP Extended Warehouse Management, and two years later, in 2020, there was added SAP Business Network for Logistics.

Who we are

VESLOG is a globally recognized SAP SCM partner who offers customers tailor-made implementations of SAP logistics solutions.
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We are experts who know how to connect all the aspects of your company’s logistics operations.

High quality

We are able to tailor the products and services that we offer, regardless of your company’s size.

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Growth possibilities, innovative projects, and a friendly team, you will find it all at VESLOG

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