Corporate Social Responsibility

As VESLOG we want to play an active role
in shaping the world around us.


Company that knows how to help you

We believe that with our resources, people, and willingness to help we can drive positive change in the lives of individuals and communities. As an international company, we recognize the opportunity that our support can bring to make a change happen.

This is why we are not waiting for it to happen itself but rather we are choosing to show up today and make use of our abilities to create a world around us that is sustainable, hospitable, and brings joy to all.

From people for people and
for the Earth

For people

People drive change and so at VESLOG we come together as a group to help and amplify the voices of those vulnerable and marginalized by engaging in local initiatives as much as possible. What’s more, our employees participate in a number of charity activities and VESLOG as a business each month provides financial support for a different worthy cause.

For the Earth

We care about our planet both as a company and each of us as an individual. Our aim is to deliver a stable climate and a sustainable future for the generations to come. We work towards reducing our internal emissions by implementing a range of innovative solutions that support sustainability and the health of our planet. Working remotely, reducing business travels, reducing energy usage and waste volume, electronic invoicing. These are only some of the solutions we use to improve the environmental footprint of our operations.

Shaping a world
we want to live in.

VESLOG engagement

As VESLOG we want to aid those in need through our giving.

Since we launched our charitable activities we have been supporting some amazing initiatives that are responding to some of the world’s most urgent matters.

Discover who we funded and see how each of those is changing the world:

We support the people of Lebanon where a tragic humanitarian catastrophe is taking place as a result of the country’s very bad economic situation. As VESLOG w share our support and love to those who are suffering.

We support the “Na Przekór” Association, which takes care of almost 150 students of School No. 31 in Bydgoszcz. They carry out various activities that aim to improve disabled students’ chances when they are on their own.

We support Ukraine and the people injured as a result of the war. PAH provides humanitarian aid including food and other forms of support to all of those who had to leave their homes.

We support “Grupa Ratuj”, which organizes animal adoptions, initiates various aid programs, and fights against animal homelessness.

We support families that have found themselves in difficult financial situations via “Szlachetna Paczka”, one of Poland’s largest social programs.

We distribute our employees the Dopper bottles.
Dopper – the creators of the world’s #1 sustainable reusable water bottle. We believe that every small step matters in our journey towards sustainability, and this initiative with Dopper is just one way we’re committing to that journey. We are proud to be a part of the solution.

We are proud to spotlight our support for a remarkable local initiative close to our home in Poznań – “Leśna Pomoc.”
This dedicated group protects and rehabilitates wild animals in our region, ensuring they receive the care and sanctuary they deserve.
Learn more about their incredible work and how you can help:

Empowering Supply Chains,
Sustaining Communities