SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Optimize your warehouse operations with SAP EWM. Support, real-time transparency, and tools for managing and processing material movement flexibility – all this and much more.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

A cutting-edge solution that helps you optimize your inventory

SAP EWM enables you to control essential warehouse processes and work efficiently. It supports you from the beginning, starting with structing your warehouse. The graphical warehouse layout displays the interior and exterior of the warehouse as a two-dimensional graphic that allows you to check the customizing of your warehouse.


What is more, you are able to monitor the current situation, and to initiate appropriate responses to different situations that arise. SAP EWM functionalities provide you with full transparency. At VESLOG, through many years of experience in SAP EWM implementation and migration, we know how to adjust the system to the customer’s needs.

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Two versions of SAP S/4 HANA EWM

  • Embedded

    • one master data server
    • simpler data transfer
    • during technical break EWM is not working
    • dedicated for Small and Medium Warehouses
  • Decentralized

    • both systems can be upgraded without impacting each other
    • dedicated for Big Company where large volume of transaction can be handled
    • it has better ability to support automatic warehouses (Integration with MFS)
    • two master data servers
    • additional notification transferred between ERP and EWM

Embedded EWM in

Basic Embedded EWM

  • Functionality with the SAP S/4HANA License
  • Useful for Stock transparency and control
    • Inventory Management
    • Process and Layout Oriented Warehouse Management
    • Graphical Reporting Capabilities
    • Physical Inventory (Dynamic Cycle counting)
    • Internal Warehouse Processes
    • RFID Technology
    • Handling Unit Management
    • Storage Unit Management

Advanced Embedded EWM

  • Functionality requiring additional licenses
  • Useful for Optimized Warehouse Operations
    • Wave Management
    • Yard Management
    • Value Added Services
    • Cross Docking
    • Kitting and Slotting
    • Warehouse Billing
    • Integration to Material Flow Systems
    • Labor Management

SAP EWM Capabilities & Benefits

Make the most out of your SAP EWM implementation
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Significantly improved warehouse visibility

Managing warehouse operations has never been easier. With SAP EWM, you are able to define the physical structure of your warehouse and map it in the system. This gives you an overview of the total quantity of each product in the warehouse. You can also see where exactly a specific product is, at any time, in your warehouse complex.

Optimized inbound and outbound processes

You can receive products from different sources (such as vendors, production or customer returns), create and confirm multi-step put-away tasks as well as optimize your warehouse capacity and material flow. Moreover, SAP EWM allows you to pick products, send them out of your warehouse, and handle goods issue documents for the delivered products.

Balanced workload

Thanks to SAP EWM key features, such as Dock Appointment Scheduling as well as Shipping and Receiving, you can plan vehicle arrivals efficiently, arrange loading and unloading of the vehicles, and collaborate with the parties involved in a given appointment. Also, you can use the shipping cockpit to perform outbound deliveries and monitor their status.

Integration with SAP Transportation Management

You can integrate SAP Extended Warehouse Management with SAP Transportation Management. Thanks to the integration, you will be able to plan your inbound and outbound transports, execute deliveries according to the transportation plan, communicate check-in and check-out information as well as accurate weight, volume, and number of handling units in outbound deliveries.


Key elements of our strategy are quality and innovation.

Our outstanding experience enables us to define implementation packages. We have implemented more than 30 projects related to various industries, such as chemicals, pharma, consumer goods, FMCG as well as transport and logistics. VESLOG team consists of dynamic and experienced professionals with expertise in various areas. We receive excellent customer feedback and references due to successful implementations, solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of any business and a variety of tools and services we offer to help a business optimize its processes.

What else we can do for you

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Health check

Technical architecture reviews, solution tests, change proposals – on the basis of many years of experience, we are capable of verifying the implementation at your company is done correctly. You will receive our suggestions and recommended improvements so that the implementation runs smoothly.

CR (Change Request)

If you want to add new functionalities to your current solution (either the one implemented by us or by a different company), feel free to contact us. We can help you solve unexpected problems and handle your requests for change in your SAP system.

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