SAP Transportation Management

Build a holistic transportation management solution with our skilled implementation team. Together, we can implement a tailor-made system that will help you manage all of your supply chain processes and transport-related services.

Our main focus is to help our customers optimize logistics processes
with cutting-edge solutions such as SAP TM.


What is SAP TM?


SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is a powerful software solution designed to optimize and streamline logistics operations for businesses of all sizes. As a key component of SAP’s supply chain management suite, SAP TM provides comprehensive tools for planning, executing, and monitoring the movement of goods across global supply chains.


Real-time visibility

Thanks to its real-time reporting tools (such as GTT – Global Track and Trace) you can keep an eye on your freight and make changes on an ongoing basis whenever appropriate.

Improved transportation planning

Plan, schedule, and monitor each step of your freight’s journey with the so-called transportation cockpit to determine the most cost and time-efficient ways of transporting freight.

Enhanced collaboration

Build and improve collaboration between different departments and stakeholders, including logistics providers, carriers, and customers, which helps to ensure you outperform your competition using this sophisticated freight management software.

Implementation of SAP TM

Implementation of TM module in the SAP system environment can be challenging for customers. Often business processes are not completely known, many aspects of a company’s lifecycle need to be improved. It also happens that there are improvement points identified in the company’s structure that were never adjusted because of lack of time or complexity of these changes.


An implementation process gives the possibility not only to implement a system based on already up-and-running processes but also gives the possibility to improve the workflow and achieve even better results.


Because the complexity mentioned earlier may be on a high level, VESLOG recommends module implementation based on SAP Activate methodology. This is divided into the following phases:

SAP Transportation Management


SAP TM Capabilities & Benefits

Make the most out of your SAP TM implementation

Plan transportation holistically

SAP TM provides tools for optimizing the whole transportation process. From planning routes and schedules to executing the most efficient and cost-effective shipments with the help of transportation cockpit and optimizer embedded in the solution.

Automate logistics processes

SAP TM automates many of the manual processes, such as route planning, helping your business to streamline operations and reduce the risk of errors.

Integrate with other systems/modules

SAP TM can be integrated with other modules such as SAP EWM, MM, or SD and also with non-SAP systems (e.g. ERP, SCM, CRM). It enables the exchange of data between them to help you create the most efficient logistics processes.

Increase productivity

Overall, SAP TM helps improve your company’s productivity by giving room for even more capacity when it comes to logistic processes. It improves planning, optimizes goods flow, and automates processes.

Optimize material and goods flow

SAP TM will help you identify obstacles and possible delays up front in the goods flow and make corrections to improve the process efficiency.


Key elements of our strategy are quality and innovation.

Our outstanding experience enables us to define implementation packages. We have implemented more than 30 projects related to various industries, such as chemicals, pharma, consumer goods, FMCG as well as transport and logistics. VESLOG team consists of dynamic and experienced professionals with expertise in various areas. We receive excellent customer feedback and references due to successful implementations, solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of any business and a variety of tools and services we offer to help a business optimize its processes.

What else we can do for you

All our cloud solutions are fully customisable. We can seamlessly deploy any add-on your SME requires.

Health check

Technical architecture reviews, solution tests, change proposals – on the basis of many years of experience, we are capable of verifying the implementation at your company is done correctly. You will receive our suggestions and recommended improvements so that the implementation runs smoothly.

CR (Change Request)

If you want to add new functionalities to your current solution (either the one implemented by us or by a different company), feel free to contact us. We can help you solve unexpected problems and handle your requests for change in your SAP system.

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