SAP Business Network for Logistics

Easier supply chain cooperation, faster information exchange and real-time insights – these are only a few benefits of SAP Business Network for Logistics, a multi-cloud platform connecting supply chain participants and facilitating the collaboration between them.

SAP Business Network for Logistics

The collaboration between supply chain participants has never been easier.

Transparent communication and real-time data exchange are key to efficient supply chain and logistics operations. The solution can significantly improve your business processes as well as help you reduce collaboration and integration costs.

SAP Business Network for Logistics was added to our portfolio in 2020. One year later, in 2021, we become the first SAP Partner to successfully implement the solution at Upfield, the largest plant-based consumer product company in the world.

As SAP Partner, we have the possibility to present a demo and show our customers how the solution works. You can meet with our team of experienced consultants who will explain you the system and its benefits as well as answer your questions. If you want to see how the solution works, contact us!

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SAP Business Network for Logistics



Environment for shippers and carriers to work together for subcontracting freight orders, tendering, and invoicing.

Track & Trace

Solution provides immediate visibility into fulfilment of tracked business processes and real-time transparency of the goods in transit.


Data visualization and reporting platform that presents real-time insights of your supply chain execution.


Blockchain based application that collects material genealogy data and enables seamless handling of quality issues and provides information about product origin.

SAP Business Network for Logistics (formerly known as SAP Logistics Business Network), a global multi-modal cloud platform connecting supply chain participants for information exchange and transparent, real-time insights.

SAP BNL Capabilities & Benefits

Make the most out of your SAP BNL implementation

Find out more about key benefits of the platform. If you have some questions or want to request a system demo, get in touch with us!

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Easier supply chain collaboration

With SAP Business Network for Logistics, you can keep an eye on your supply chain operations, exchange notes and attachments, view actual times of arrival or departure, and report delays.

Reduced collaboration & integration costs

You can manage your shipping operations on one platform – SAP Business Network for Logistics connects all supply chain participants so that they can proactively communicate and solve problems.

Faster response to supply chain disruptions

Track your goods in transit in real time, get immediate insight into timeliness of events in your supply chain and be notified about process disruptions. If necessary, take actions to mitigate risks.

Improved user experience

Let your business users get real-time transparency of the transport execution, inform the necessary parties about the status of shipments, and connect with data contributors – all on one platform.


Key elements of our strategy are quality and innovation.

Our outstanding experience enables us to define implementation packages. We have implemented more than 30 projects related to various industries, such as chemicals, pharma, consumer goods, FMCG as well as transport and logistics. VESLOG team consists of dynamic and experienced professionals with expertise in various areas. We receive excellent customer feedback and references due to successful implementations, solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of any business and a variety of tools and services we offer to help a business optimize its processes.

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