SAP Event Management

Real-time end-to-end business process visibility and transparency of different event types – scroll down to see what the application is capable of.

SAP Event Management

The application, found within the SAP Supply Chain Management solution, has been created to help you manage business processes, inventories as well as assets, by providing end-to-end visibility and status monitoring. SAP Event Management allows you to map and control your company’s processes. You can monitor, notify, adjust, and analyze various types of events.


Now available for SAP S/4HANA, the application is thoroughly integrated with SAP Transportation Management. SAP Event Management not only enables the execution and tracking of events, but also quick communication with various business partners. Its functionalities raise the quality of tracking to a completely different level.

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SAP EM Capabilities & Benefits

Make the most out of your SAP EM implementation

What makes the product unique? And how can it help your business? Find out more about the benefits of SAP Event Management. If you any have questions or want to see a demo, get in touch with us!

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End-to-end visibility

SAP Event Management provides monitoring capability to any business process so that you can manage the sequencing of different events as well as track status changes.

Handling different event types

By matching the plan (events expected to happen) and the actual (events that actually occur), you are able to monitor them, analyze them, and, most importantly, to uncover exceptions.

Real-time notification

You receive notification of events and exceptions that allows you to react quickly as well as to solve problems at any stage of the process

Comprehensive integration

Thanks to complete integration with SAP Transportation Management, you can make the best use of both systems’ functionalities and effectively manage all your logistics processes.


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