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Do you want to work in a friendly and supportive environment, participate in various innovative projects and enjoy team bonding events? At VESLOG, you will find it all (and more). We work remotely, so you can join us wherever you live. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment to make your home office work for you. We want to give you the opportunity to grow, to develop your skills, and to feel like you are part of a great team. We prioritize our employees and believe in mutual support. Scroll down to find out more!

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Hello there!

My name is Monika and I will take care of the whole recruitment process, from the beginning to the final stage.

You can be sure that here at VESLOG, nothing happens without a reason. If we are hiring, it means that we offer a job full of exciting tasks, interesting projects, and growth opportunities.


I would like to assure you that, from the very beginning of the recruitment process, I focus on understanding your needs and correlate them with ours. You can be convinced that we care about teamwork, honest communication as well as mutual support.


I will answer your questions, dispel your doubts, and make sure nothing escapes our attention. What is more, I will guide you through the recruitment process in a welcome and professional way. So, if you need my help, just let me know!



Much more

than just a job
  • Professional growth

    Learning new things is very important. It allows us to broaden our skill set and to expand our horizons. There is a chance you discover new talents that may be useful later.
  • Innovative projects

    Do you want to discover new SAP products before they are officially launched? Our consultants have a unique opportunity to access these cutting-edge solutions, and they can test them prior to everyone else.
  • Independence

    We believe that our employees are specialists in their field, and that is why we give them freedom and responsibility. We trust our employees and we trust in their skills.
  • Remote work

    Wherever your live, you can shape the future of supply chain with us. We provide tools and equipment to ensure that you can work as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Competitive remuneration

    At VESLOG, we want our employees to feel appreciated, that is why we offer competitive salary as well as bonuses twice a year.
  • Open and friendly team

    It is people who build the company. They create the atmosphere. Join us to work in a friendly environment, full of inspiring and supportive people. We organize team bonding events with various activities, so that our employees can get to know each other and spend some time together outside of work.

What our employees say about working at VESLOG

  • Szczepan

    SAP Consultant
    “As an SAP consultant at VESLOG, I’m part of a dynamic team where collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Also, the company’s investment in personal and professional growth has allowed me to excel in work as a consultant while enjoying a work-life balance that is truly respected here.”
  • Maciej

    SAP ABAP Developer
    “After joining VESLOG, I was surprised at how many development opportunities are available here. What’s also very rewarding for me is the ability to work with new technologies. It boosts my creativity and helps us implement new solutions.”
  • Aleksandra

    SAP TM Associate Consultant
    “What makes VESLOG unique is that the company highly values its culture and employees. We have an opportunity to obtain certification for SAP modules as VESLOG truly cares about our development, and at the same time, the company promotes a healthy work-life balance and understands how important it is to create a home-like atmosphere at work.”

But it’s not all yet!

Vacation and Christmas bonuses

It is people that build the organization, and we really value each employee. For this reason, we want to reward them. Twice a year you will get a high bonus to your salary – this way, we aim to show our appreciation for your hard work during the year.

Team building events

Working as a team is more efficient when the employees know each other and feel good in each other’s company. That is why we take care of the atmosphere within the workplace by organizing different events with interesting activities. Kayaking, safe driving, paintball, bowling, xmas parties – there is something for everyone!

Medicover – health package

There is no doubt that taking care of your health is a priority. To support you, we offer a premium health package so that you and your family can get medical treatment, specialist consultations, and other health-related services privately.

MultiSport – sports card

After sitting in front of a computer for hours, going to the gym feels great. Or, if you are not into gym, MultiSport card offers you different sport activities to choose from – dance classes, yoga, swimming, ice skating… these are only a few of many possibilities.

Retirement saving system

A retirement plan has lots of benefits and allows you to invest in your future financial security. To help you improve your financial security in retirement we decided to offer our employees an additional contribution from VESLOG. Joining is voluntary, but if you choose this form of saving for your retirement, we want to help you.

Language courses

Conversations with native speakers are one of the most effective ways to improve your language skills. We offer you a range of online language courses, in small groups of 2-4 people, with teachers from various countries. The costs are fully covered by VESLOG, because we want to give our employees the opportunity to grow.

*some benefits are available in selected countries only

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How to join us

From the first step to the final interview, learn everything you need to know and join us!

Here is a guide to our recruitment procedure that will help you go through the process and become part of VESLOG. Go check our job offers, find out about the benefits that we offer, and make sure to look into what our employees like about working at VESLOG.


Then, there are only a few things for you to complete in order to start your career with us. Have a look, follow these 4 simple steps, and let’s start creating the future of supply chain together.

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Make a deal
Hurray! You’ve got the job at VESLOG!!!

Take care of your future
and start your career at VESLOG!

Join our team even today! We are constantly looking for talented people who are passionate and have a strong desire to learn and grow. Explore our available positions and apply for the one that aligns with your skills and interests. If you don’t see a perfect match, feel free to submit your application using our general form.
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