Blockquote formatting in SAP Community Q&A

Improvement proposal: Add blockquote formatting in SAP Community Q&A


I honestly see SAP Community as a valuable platform of knowledge and experience exchange as well as a problem solving tool that leverages collective wisdom of numerous professional. Therefore I am concerned with user friendliness or user experience or ergonomics (whatever you want to call it) of the community web service.


Questions & Answers of SAP Community features only very rudimentary formatting options. Those are:


  • bold and italic fonts
  • bullet and numbered lists
  • link, image and attachment
  • code snippet



Formatting options of SAP Questions and Answers


That is not much but it works somehow in most of the cases. I would not even dare to ask for more advanced features like those offered by WordPress post editor (not to even mention Gutenberg) or phpBB BBCodes. That is never going to happen.


However, there is a tiny little feature missing in SAP Questions and Answers that drives me mad. That is a lack of quotation tag.


Why, for crying out loud, am I not able to decently format quotations in my answers?


Each time I want to quote a fragment of a question I am responding to or a support note or a piece of SAP Help, I have to use an ugly workaround of italic font.


In contrast SAP blogs, that is based on WordPress provides that feature:



Blockquote formatting in SAP Blogs


SAP runs a continuous program to improve SAP Community and I have just tried to use it to fix this annoying functionality gap.


If you, like me, quote in your answers and are concerned about aesthetics and readability of the quotations, please cast your vote for the improvement proposal Add blockquote formatting in SAP Community Q&A