SAP BNL – Enabling Dock Appointment Scheduling for Guest Users

SAP Business Network for Logistics enables Dock Appointment Scheduling with carriers who are not onboarded as business partners. Guest user can log in using the guest URL, and can assign executing carrier or can book an appointment.


In General Setting in Shipper tenant, you can define the type of URL you want to send to the guest carrier user.



In the General Settings app, in the Define Appointment and Dispute Settings tabs, you can choose the Guest User Access button.



Types of URL


  • Dynamic URL


When you select this option, the system sends an e-mail with a URL to the carrier which is specific to the document for dock appointment scheduling. The carrier can enter the document reference to view the document.


  • Static URL


When you select this option, the system sends a URL to the carrier which is generic.
Mine and SAP’s recommendation is to select the dynamic URL by default. As with the static URL, anyone can access the documents.



Regarding the appointment API implementation, please check the Guest User Access section in

Provider API for Dock Appointment Scheduling (



Now, I will show what are the steps of making appointments in SAP Business Network for Logistics with Guest User Access.


Step 1 SAP Business Network for Logistics sends e-mail with URL

Choose ‘Go to the Appointment’



Step 2 Enter the Reference Document number


Note: In your document, there might be multiple references (e.g. Freight Order, Sales Order, Outbound Delivery or some internal reference number). To access Dock Appointment Scheduling, User needs to put at least one. Freight Order should be entered in the Transportation Order field.




Step 3 Make an appointment


Choose the Point, Date and Time of the slot and click ‘Save’.


You can also see the details of the order in other tabs:



General Information, Reference Documents and Cargo


User can also add Notes and Attachments which will be visible for Warehouse operator in SAP LBN:



Notes and Attachments


Other scenario: Adding execution carrier in the guest user UI.


Provide the Carrier name and e-mail address of who should make an appointment:



Provided user receives mail with the URL:



After providing the Reference Document number, the carrier can see additional Carrier Details:


Final remarks:


The whole process of making appointments by Guest Users is very simple and the only difference is that the carrier log in to SAP LBN with a URL received by email. User can access SAP LBN with the URL multiple times, (no to) for example change the appointment for a different date or time.


Note that with Dynamic URL every Order has separate link for Dock Appointment Scheduling. It is impossible to use the same URL for different Orders.




To see more information about SAP Business Network for Logistics Freight Collaboration. I encourage you to visit:

SAP Logistics Business Network, freight collaboration option | SAP Help Portal


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