The Power of Teamwork: How to Build A Powerful and Effective Team Based on Exemplar of VESLOG

If you’ve ever asked yourself how to build a powerful and effective team, VESLOG may have the answer for you. In this article, we present several insights about our company and give you some practical ideas on how to build a stronger and close-knit team.


Have you ever pondered the profound impact that effective teamwork can wield within a company? Perhaps you’ve contemplated the significance of integration meetings and fostering strong interpersonal bonds among employees. Allow me to elucidate: drawing from the exemplar of VESLOG, it becomes evident that a cohesive and supportive team can serve as a formidable catalyst for organizational success.

Intrigued by the potential of teamwork? Stay tuned for insights and actionable advice tailored for implementation within your own enterprise.  


At VESLOG, we’re not your typical team. With 55 members, we work mostly remotely, handling SAP projects, marketing tasks, and HR duties. Spread across Poland and Europe – from Germany to Spain to Belgium – we might be scattered, but we’re united. Despite the distance, we keep our team tight-knit and motivated. Curious about our driving force? Look no further than our greatest asset: our people 


While it’s a sentiment often echoed in corporate circles, for us, it’s not mere rhetoric. We prioritize the careful selection of team members, going beyond mere qualifications to assess alignment with our values and collaborative ethos. At VESLOG, we believe in fostering a professional environment where every individual contributes to our collective success. 


One of the many things that VESLOG as an employer cherishes in its employees is the eagerness for meetings and integrations. Working mostly remotely has its benefits but in the bigger picture, it can prevent people from creating human connections which are incredibly important in terms of efficient collaboration moving forward. Therefore, organizing team meetings and integrations that the team can look forward to are equally important.  


Already in a study from 2014, the need to combine bonding and bridging social networks for reasons of performance effectiveness was underlined as the significance of mixing internal and external resources for fruitful accomplishment of team duties. 


“The findings thus suggest that work teams need both types of social networks simultaneously in order to enhance performance effectiveness.” 


Work-team bonding and bridging social networks, team identity and performance effectiveness. (K. Henttonen, J.E. Johanson, M. Janhonen, 2014)



But how can you motivate your employees to foster strong interpersonal bonds if they do not need to interact daily?


At VESLOG, we manage diverse projects simultaneously, creating an environment where not everyone interacts daily to cultivate collaborative interpersonal skills. To address this, we recently organized an integration meeting featuring an outdoor game. This activity encouraged individuals to collaborate in randomly chosen teams. While organizing team-building activities might seem commonplace, it’s a delightful way for team members to deepen their connections beyond their daily work spheres. It serves as a fun icebreaker, especially for those who may be more introverted, providing a friendly platform for self-introduction and fostering a sense of camaraderie. 


Enhancing team effectiveness encompasses various strategies, yet none are as impactful as adopting a human-centered approach, even within professional settings. Just as in our personal lives, success in the workplace flourishes when individuals feel happy, fulfilled, and supported. Central to this is the recognition and empowerment of employees. At our company, we prioritize providing avenues for our team to voice their opinions. One such initiative involves soliciting questions from employees prior to our quarterly company meetings, where these concerns are openly addressed. It’s crucial to actively listen to our team members and address their needs. While there are numerous methods to achieve this, offering platforms for open communication is a cornerstone of our approach. 


To sum up, the significance of teamwork cannot be overstated when achieving success for your team. The question then arises: What steps are you prepared to take to maintain high spirits and motivation among your team members? We trust that the insights shared in this article may prove beneficial as you contemplate your strategy. 😉