Time filters in SAP TM Overview Pages (OVPs) and Analytical List Pages (ALPs)

SAP Influence improvement proposal Flexible time filters in TM OVPs and ALPs


This blog is inspired by a SAP Q&A question Changing time horizon for Freight Order Execution Monitoring OVP (Fiori ID: 2675) by Shivang Bhatt


SAP TM provides several embedded analytics Fiori applications e.g.




Source: SAP Fiori apps library


The analytical Fiori apps are based on the underlying CDS (Core Data Services), which surprisingly enough are restricted to two-month rolling period, i.e. to the current and previous month. The period of analysis is hardcoded in the CDS definitions.


That is explained in the note 2779334 – Change of Time Filter with a Metadata Extension for TM Analytics CDS


SAP offers as part of S/4HANA within the SAP Transportation Management Solution TM several Overview Pages (OVPs) and Analytical List Pages (ALPs) as embedded Analytics. All the undelaying Core Data Services (CDS) are shipped with time filters. The time filters are in all cases the current and previous month, i. e. a two-month rolling basis.


The note also provides a document explaining how to modify the underlying CDS and change the period settings. This approach is very rigid as end-users of the SAP TM analytical applications still can not set the analysis period by themselves as they need.


That is a nightmare from usability perspective. I can not see how analytical applications can be used in real life if time dimension settings are simply hardcoded and can not be adjusted.


Therefore I have put forward an improvement proposal Flexible time filters in TM OVPs and ALPs within SAP Influence program. The improvement is open for voting. The more votes it gets, the more likely is that SAP TM embedded analytics get more flexible and user-friendly.