What will your business gain if you decide to implement SAP GTS

Global trade enables exchange of products between international borders. Global trade works through a flow of huge complex supply chains between the countries that source raw materials, to the countries that manufacture the raw materials, and later to the consumer nation, which is the nation that puts the final product to use.


International trade promotes cooperation between countries that trade together and stimulates economic growth. Over the first three months of 2023, trade in goods went up by 1.9% from the last quarter of 2022, adding about $100 billion. Global services trade also increased by about $50 billion, up by about 2.8% compared to the previous quarter (source unctad.org).


SAP Global Trade Services is a dedicated solution that covers all the complexities of international trade including full regulatory compliance, electronic communication with customs authorities, and risk mitigation, while importing and exporting on a global basis (source: sap.com)


What will your business gain if you decide to implement SAP GTS?


Business Content for SAP GTS enables you to analyze your import and export transactions and perform strategic reporting for the following areas:


SAP Customs Management: Customs Processing service

SAP Customs Management: Transit Procedure service

SAP Risk Management: Preference Processing service

SAP Compliance Management: Import/Export Legal Control service, SPL and Embargo


Your company will gain a partner who continuously develops its products.

SAP GTS supports your vision for global trade. SAP GTS increases the level of international trade in your organization.


What are the other most frequently mentioned benefits from current customer deployments using SAP GTS? Continue reading to learn more.


Highlighted prominently in customer experiences with SAP GTS deployments are a series of noteworthy benefits that resonate throughout the organizational landscape. These benefits encompass the fostering of a proactive environment across the entire enterprise, seamlessly interweaving trade compliance into the intricate fabric of product planning and release strategies.


In addition, the adoption of SAP GTS has yielded a tangible reduction in disruptions within the supply chain, a feat achieved through the judicious automation of trade activities. This transformative shift has not only elevated operational efficiency but has also led to a discernible reduction in the day-to-day tactical workload of trade compliance professionals.


Furthermore, the implementation of a management-by-exception approach has spurred a marked improvement in the overall productivity of global trade-compliance teams. This outcome stands as a testament to the effectiveness of this strategic methodology.


A cornerstone of these accomplishments lies in the robust collaboration between IT and business units, a partnership that has yielded one of the most triumphant SAP software implementations within our organization. This synergy has laid the groundwork for seamless execution and success.


It is worth noting that these advancements have been achieved without necessitating an increase in workforce size. SAP GTS has seamlessly integrated into existing structures, negating the need for a headcount expansion.

(source: www.sap.com/customerinterviews).


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