#RUNTM: Optimize Your Supply Chain

Please note: This event will be conducted in Polish.


On May 30, 2023, VESLOG will stand on the fifth shift of the relay. During the online meeting, we will present how you can use SAP Transportation Management to effectively manage your fleet and logistics, reducing the complexity of transport.


The meeting will be a unique opportunity to get to know the SAP TM solution.



  1. Opening of the meeting and introduction
  2. “How to overcome the limitations of standard S/4HANA TM-EWM integration:
  • Loading Appointment – standard TM integration with EWM;
  • Overview of the actual shipping process: from ordering, through transport planning, to picking and loading;
  • Functional limitations of the SAP standard and how to overcome them: standardization of document workflow for processes with and without EWM, integration of events, integration of containers, integration of seal numbers and registration numbers, integration of loading execution;
  • Advanced Shipping and Receiving – a look into the future 

    3. Q&A session