SAP Discovery Day for Warehouse and Transportation Management 2023

Join VESLOG at the SAP Discovery Day 2023!



Have you ever felt the frustration of a late birthday gift delivery? Such disappointments arise from challenges in the supply chain and logistics domain. According to Oxford Economics, key challenges include:


❌ 40% lack responsiveness in real-time (#Echtzeit)

❌ 36% face increasing material and resource costs

❌ 33% observe a lack of collaboration and transparency in supply chains (#Lieferketten)


We are committed to tackling these challenges head-on.

We believe in:

  1. Comprehensive end-to-end connectivity, from production straight to the end-user.
  2. Encouraging collaboration within partner networks.
  3. Harnessing advanced technologies like #AI to make informed, data-driven decisions in real-time.

In addition, technologies such as artificial intelligence can help automate goods receipt processes and optimize transport planning in such a way that the ecological footprint is minimized.


Curious to know more? We invite you to join us at the SAP Discovery Day #SAPLagerTransport. VESLOG is honored to present on SAP TM, showcasing our expertise and solutions.


🗓 Date: November 08, 2023
🗒️Topic: Mastering the Selection Profile: Insight into SAP Transportation Management

Time: 10:15-11:00 am CET
🔗Access to VESLOG Zoom meeting room available after registration



Our Expert


Karol Sienkiewicz, SAP Consultant


Karol has been an integral member of the VESLOG team since January 2021, working as an SAP TM Consultant.


He has deepened his expertise in areas of SAP TM such as the optimizer, transportation cockpit related settings, settlement documents, and agreements. Currently, Karol is expanding his horizons by advancing his skills to transition into a developer role.


Beyond his professional accomplishments, his 12-year residence in Hamburg not only fostered his cultural insights but also enabled him to master the German language fluently.