Slovenia SAP Logistics day

Achieve Supply Chain Excellence with VESLOG: Your Official Partner at the SAP Slovenia Event


In the dynamic world of modern business, achieving complete supply chain transparency is a paramount challenge. For companies seeking to enhance efficiency across their entire value chain, addressing the intricacies of warehousing, transportation, and logistics can be particularly demanding. How can these challenges be effectively met?


We are thrilled to announce that VESLOG, in partnership with SAP Slovenia, is co-hosting an industry event that promises to be a rich source of inspiration. The event will feature enlightening discussions and real-world case studies, all centered on empowering your organization with efficiency and resilience throughout the supply chain.


Join us on Thursday, September 21st, in Ljubljana, where you will:


  1. Discover How SAP Transportation Management Transforms Visibility and Efficiency: Dive into the world of SAP Transportation Management (TM), a seamlessly integrated application designed to provide comprehensive insights and control over your logistics operations. Learn how this solution can significantly reduce transportation costs, elevate customer satisfaction, and streamline processes through meticulous customization of planning, execution, freight settlement, and data analytics. Moreover, SAP TM facilitates risk mitigation and aligns with sustainability goals.
  2. Explore SAP Extended Warehouse Management for Enhanced Operations: Explore the advantages of SAP Extended Warehouse Management, a solution that supports streamlined processes across a spectrum of warehouse complexities, from basic raw material storage to intricate, high-volume, automated distribution centers. With its adaptable, automated support for inventory management and movement processing, SAP Extended Warehouse Management equips you to handle large volumes, intricate process variations, and the integration of hardware (IoT).

We are proud to announce that we are the official partner of this event, organized by SAP Slovenia. As a valued partner, our team will be delivering a comprehensive presentation on SAP TM, offering invaluable insights into optimizing transportation management. Their expertise in this area is set to enrich our discussions and equip attendees with actionable strategies for success.


Why Attend This Event?

In today’s business landscape, precise and agile logistics management and planning are critical for businesses across various sectors. These capabilities are key to navigating unpredictable market conditions successfully. Our event will feature partner presentations, including practical implementation experiences, with a focus on the tangible business benefits derived from these solutions.


This event is indispensable for supply chain directors, production directors, supply chain planning directors, warehousing and transportation directors, IT directors, and all professionals engaged in logistics processes.


Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into optimizing your supply chain and embracing the future of logistics. Register now to stay ahead of the competition with VESLOG at your side!


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