Episode 1: SAP EWM: Unraveling the Power of Extended Warehouse Management with Dawid


Welcome to “VESLOG On Air”, the official podcast of VESLOG where we take you on a journey into the dynamic world of SAP. Our mission is to explore, educate, and enlighten, peeling back the layers of this complex field and making it accessible to all. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to SAP, our podcast offers fresh insights, expert advice, and a platform to discuss emerging trends and technologies.


Our inaugural episode features Dawid, an experienced SAP EWM Consultant at VESLOG. Dawid will guide us through the labyrinth of SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), its licenses, benefits, and the transformative role it plays in warehouse operations. Get ready to unlock a new understanding of this game-changing technology, straight from the expert’s mouth. This is a deep-dive you won’t want to miss!


Guest: Dawid Zabulski

He’s been working as an SAP EWM Consultant at VESLOG for one year. He’s worked with SAP solutions for almost 8 years.

He started his logistics career 10 years ago as an End User in FMCG industry. After joining E-commerce and working with SAP MM module he progressed to a logistics specialist role responsible for stock, carrier management, and returns. Later, he became an SAP Key User in a retail company, where he learned about EWM and aimed to become an SAP EWM Consultant.


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Host: Kamila Khanafer

Kamila, an experienced Marketing Specialist at VESLOG. With a diverse background in various roles, Kamila has cultivated a wide range of skills, including expertise in digital marketing, business English, and proficiency in languages such as French and Arabic. She brings a wealth of marketing abilities, excelling in web optimization, content creation, and other strategic approaches that enhance the visibility and success of VESLOG’s SAP implementations in the market.


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