SAP Blogs improvement proposal: Enable editing or resetting of permalinks

Support the improvement proposal: Enable permalinks editing or resetting


SAP Blogs is built with WordPress backbone and it uses “day and name” permalink pattern settings:



WordPress permalink setting: day and name


SAP Blogs generates permalink automatically as soon as the blog’s title is entered. Unfortunately the permalink can not be edited or regenerated afterwards:



Read-only SAP Blogs permalink


That causes two problems:


  1. If a typo is made in a blog’s title, the permalink is generated with the typo. The permalink can not be changed even if the blog’s title is modified. Another flavor of the problem is when the blog’s author decides to update the blog’s title, say to a more descriptive one. Again, the permalink stays as it was initially generated
  2. Another problem is highlighted in the question Fix a Blog Post Permalink If a blog post is trashed and recovered from the trash the permalink can get like That is not very descriptive and does not follow the “day and name” permalink pattern.


Standard WordPress allows both editing a blog’s permalink and regenerating it to a default value if the permalink is deleted:



Permalink EDIT button in WordPress


However SAP Blogs allows neither editing nor resetting permalink.


The improvement proposal is to expose that standard WordPress function to SAP bloggers. This way both problems will be addressed and resolved and SAP Blogs will get more user friendly.


Support the improvement proposal: Enable permalinks editing or resetting