NL Customs DMS Latest News: Preparation for Go-Live

All NL traders have to migrate to the new Customs system in the The Nederlands DMS (Document Management Systems) in 2023. The last mile is approaching. SAP and Dutch Customs work hand in hand to deliver the seamless solution on time.


The partners are on the first row to implement and deliver the new solution and DMS processes.

VESLOG follows on daily manner the progress and inform you on the latest updates:

  • OSS corrections from SAP
  • Open points/content
  • Successful migrations


Continue reading to get the latest DMS updates!


The latest DMS updates


SAP gathered all DMS 4.0 notes


The latest ones


There are few content topics

–             DMS Import : Deferment for (VAT)

–             DMS Import: Deferment Import duties

–             DMS Export: Control request M2970  with SAP

–             DMS Export: Export Declaration with CPC code 1000 is send with IPR authorization with SAP


For DMS 4.1

Master note


Periodic/aanvulende declaration: In development with SAP


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