VESLOG Partners with SAP Poland: Insights on Digital Transformation in Transportation | Podcast Feature

SAP Podcast Biznes Napędzany Cyfrowo Episode with VESLOG

VESLOG Featured in SAP Poland’s Digital Business Podcast


We are excited to announce our partnership with SAP Poland in their latest podcast episode of “Biznes Napędzany Cyfrowo” (Digitally Driven Business), now available on Spotify!


Please note, this episode is entirely in Polish.


Listen to the Podcast Episode on Spotify


In this episode, our Global Managing Partner, Greg Konieczka, engages in a thoughtful discussion with Sebastian Bień, Solution Advisor for SAP Digital Supply Chain, and Jacek Kaźmierczak, Director of Logistics and Raw Materials at Agri Plus, Animex, Smithfield.


The conversation delves into the key aspects of digital transformation and evolving business processes in the transport sector.


Key Highlights of the Podcast


The speakers explore the challenges of implementing innovative solutions, automating planning processes, and task assignments. They also highlight the crucial role of transportation in the supply chain and the need for quick responsiveness to changes.


Expert and Client Perspectives on SAP Transportation Management (TM)


This episode is packed with valuable insights from both expert and client perspectives, and we warmly invite you to tune in. Enjoy this enlightening discussion on benefits coming from digitalization and SAP Transportation Management (TM)!


Link to the episode: Gdzie człowiek nie może… tam transport zawiezie. O transporcie i jego potencjale rozwoju

Link to the podcast: Biznes Napędzany Cyfrowo (Digitally Driven Business)



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