VESLOG Team Embarks on Successful Trips to Romania

As part of our commitment to forge strong client relationships and delivering the best-in-class SAP solutions, our team recently came back from two successful business trips to Romania.


The first trip took place at the end of March 2023. During this trip the team had a kick-off meeting regarding the exciting new project. Our team, alongside key business users, gathered to discuss the project’s scope, its schedule, and the anticipated outcomes.

This collaborative effort allowed us to align our goals with the client’s vision and set the project on the path to success.


The second trip took place in May 2023.

During this trip the team had workshops devoted to fit-to-standard sessions and a series of intense workshops where they showcased how the client’s requirements would be met using our specialized solutions. These sessions were characterized by engaging discussions and an exchange of ideas.


These trips offered a chance to not only show our expertise but also made it possible to learn from each other and understand the unique needs of our client. We’re excited about the progress and the future and also looking forward to the next phases of the project.


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