Why the 11th of November is special for VESLOG?

You might be curious why VESLOG employees celebrate the 11th of November twice! This day holds a special place in the hearts of VESLOGians for two different and unrelated reasons. If you want to discover why, continue reading the article!


As you may know, VESLOG has its main subsidiary in Poland, and its first Polish office is located in Poznań (if you’re interested in details about all our locations, check this link 😉 ).

Polish people celebrate the 11th of November as National Independence Day and commemorate it with march that take place in the capital of Poland – Warsaw. This gathering draws individuals from diverse backgrounds, showcasing the nation’s unity and resilience. Everyone wave Polish flags, engage in singing patriotic tunes, and visibly exhibit their national pride.


The second reason why we consider the 11th of November such a special day at VESLOG is due to the establishment of our first Polish office. Poznań, located in west-central Poland, is a beautiful city with many traditions. One of them is connected to… a croissant. But it’s not just any croissant; it’s St. Martin’s Croissant (Polish: rogal świętomarciński), which serves as the culmination of the celebration for St. Martin’s Day. According to the protected designation documentation, its filling must consist of “white poppy seeds, sugar, crumbs, egg pulp, margarine, raisins, nuts, fruit in syrup, or candied fruit.” The croissant is coated with sugar icing and sprinkled with nuts.


At VESLOG, we love sharing our traditions and culture, so we decided to sweeten everybody’s Friday and sent out the croissants across Europe. This way, all of our employees could discover St. Martin’s Day and celebrate it with us by sharing a sweet break.